Our History:

    The Maison des Jeunes A-MA-Baie was founded on July 17th, 1990. It was - and still is- a drop-in center where youth between 12 and 17 years old can come meet new people, hang out with their friends, and use our resources in a secure environment, regardless of sex, age, or race.




The DJ A-MA-BAY is a permanent place of meeting, which sets forth the reconciliation, development and vitality of youth aged 12-17 years from different cultures.



Our Objectives


  • For the kids from 12 to 17 years old to have access to an active and responsibel mature citizen.
  • Offering a lively meeting place where young people can choose, organize and participate in group activities;
  • Facilitate academic and social integration;
  • Promoting cultural exchange;
  • Provide information services and reference. 

Basically, the MDJ is doing everything it can to help young people head to the right direction to better their future.